"God Loves Truth, Freedom and Justice." - Joseph Bourgault

Together We Are Strong

Canadians for Truth has been actively engaged in restoring Truth, Freedom and Justice to our country.  Our Team played a significant role in the Freedom Convoy supporting their historical peaceful protest.  The team continued the journey by campaigning with Joseph Bourgault in an effort to bring change to the Conservative Party.

Our next Step is to continue Building Team Canada, which means uniting various teams across the country with the ultimate goal of ensuring that Canada restores its Values of God, Love, Truth, Freedom and Justice.  We will do this by developing honest Media and hosting events across Canada.

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Founded For Freedom

We are a group of CANADIAN Citizens who believe in honesty, integrity, and principled Leadership in Government, grounded in the Principles of the Rule of Just Laws, developed over hundreds of years by our Ancestors.  Since being founded in 2020, the organization has supported and represented hundreds of Canadians who have had our rights violated by our Canadian Government.