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Joseph Bourgault - President

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Joseph Bourgault ( is a prominent Saskatchewan Business Owner from St. Brieux, SK.  Joseph is one of the four Bourgault Family members who are well known in Canada for their expertise in Manufacturing.  In 1991, Joseph started Bourgault Tillage Tools and is currently the owner and CEO.  

Joseph is passionate about his leadership in many different companies that has contributed to the economic growth and development of Saskatchewan. His parents instilled in him a great sense of pride in the community.  This has resulted in him working on many community projects over the years, and writing manuscripts including "The Way of Truth" and "Why Lower Taxes for All Canadians", which has been presented to Provincial Governments.  Joseph was the founder of a Health Food store called Lifewise to help provide healthy alternatives for local residents. Joseph is also the President of St. Brieux Realty, which has helped to grow the community of St. Brieux with his Lakeside Development properties.  This resulted in the Saskatchewan Citizen Planners award in 2003.  In 2011, Joseph was recognized for the Saskatchewan Order of Merit, which is the province's highest honour, recognizing individuals who have contributed significantly to the well-being of the province and its residents.  


In 2020, Joseph was very concerned with the direction of the country and co-founded a non-profit organization called Canadians for Truth, Freedom, and Justice which has over 140 Members and over 25,000 followers.  He has actively supported Canadians over the COVID-19 pandemic to find truth in media, science, and politics and ensure that this information is readily available to Canadian Citizens.  Following the Freedom Convoy, Joseph wanted to ensure that the voice of Canadians were being heard, and this inspired him to run in the Leadership Race for the Conservative Party of Canada where he was approved by the LEOC as a candidate, but was not able to continue in the race even though signatures and fund raising targets were met.  His platform was based on TRUTH, FREEDOM, and JUSTICE.

Theo Fleury - Media Director

Theo Fleury is perhaps best known for his time on the ice. But off the rink, his life once carried the markings of a troubled childhood, abuse and coping with emotional pain through addictive and self-destructive behaviours.

Today, Theo defines himself as a victor over trauma and addiction, and a facilitator to those still trying to find their way. His best-selling books, Playing with Fire and Conversations with a Rattlesnake, encourage open sharing and provide practical tools that people seeking help can personally use. These tools are also useful to those who want to lead a productive conversation, called “Real Conversations”, with anybody else experiencing trauma.

Theo has a passion to see Canada successful and to ensure that Canadians are being well represented by our political leaders.  His courage that helped win him a Gold Medal and Stanley Cup is still what drives him today.  He has the passion to ensure that Canadians remain a free and sovereign nation and is using his social media and online persona to continue bringing high quality media to Canadians to help educate them and ensure that our governments are accountable for their actions.  Stay tuned for the Theo Fleury Show Video Podcast coming soon!

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Canadians for Truth, Freedom, and Justice

We are a non-profit Organization consisting of Canadian Citizens who desire to ensure that our Country is governed in accordance with traditional Canadian Values and Principles Recognizing:

  • God as our Creator   

  • Love as our Guiding Principle

  • Truth, Reason, and the Rule of Just Laws as outlined in the Charter of Rights & Freedoms and that these laws are upheld by those we elect to serve us - WE THE PEOPLE

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who we are

We are a group of CANADIAN CITIZENS who believe in honesty, integrity, and principled Leadership in Government, grounded in the Principles of the Rule of Just Laws, developed over hundreds of years by our Ancestors.  This has worked until the recent 2020-21 Pandemic.  Now this Pandemic is being used by our Governments, who are controlled by Globalists, to justify the so called 'great reset' which we STRONGLY OPPOSE.

our vision

Our vision is for Canada to remain a sovereign Nation under God as it was founded in 1867.  We aspire to remain a True & Free Democracy governed in accordance with the Rule of Just Laws and supportive of the traditional family structure.  We want to remain a free & fair enterprise system that enables every Canadian citizen to pursue the truth and their dreams leading to good health, happiness, peace and prosperity. 

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Team Talk

our mission

Our Mission as Canadian Patriots is to work together in a spirit of Cooperation in the pursuit of truth and to Stand Up for the Rule of Just Laws.  This includes our Rights to Life, Liberty, & Truth in all aspects of life.  We strive to keep Canada a Strong, Free, Moral and Just Nation under God.


What We Believe

WE BELIEVE in God as our creator and the Creator of all natural (scientific) laws governing our peaceful and harmonious co-existence.

WE BELIEVE that our Rights of Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Truth - to understand Natural Laws - were granted to us by our Creator, and not by Governments, who WE THE PEOPLE elect to serve us, and NOT to Rule Us by unjust laws.

WE BELEIVE that the Love of God, Love of Truth, Love of Freedom, Love of Family, Love for thy Neighbor as one's Self, is our highest Guiding Principle

WE BELIEVE the relentless pursuit of truth, in honest impartial ways, is essential to find the truth (Win-Win Solutions) to resolve every challenge we face for the highest good of All.

WE BELIEVE in the Rule of Just Laws and the Equal Rights of Citizens to hold Governments accountable for violating their civic duties - WE THE PEOPLE.


What We Stand For

WE STAND FOR Upholding the Canadian Charter of Rights & Freedoms

WE STAND FOR The Sovereignty of Canada

WE STAND FOR The Truth in Science

WE STAND FOR The Truth in Journalism

WE STAND FOR The Truth in Medical Ethics

WE STAND FOR The Truth in Government

WE STAND FOR Protecting our Children and their Future

WE STAND FOR The Canadian Criminal Code

WE STAND FOR The Nuremberg Code 1947

WE STAND FOR Freedom of Choice in Health and Medical Care

WE STAND FOR Ensuring Medical Professionals are able to fulfill their Hippocratic Oath

WE STAND FOR Truth, Freedom, and Justice

WE STAND FOR The Equal Rights for ALL Canadian Citizens without any form of Discrimination